Final Presentation Submission Form

Talks should not include derogatory, offensive or inflammatory language, and they should avoid political or religious agendas, as well as polarizing “us vs them” language.


Video Requirements:

1: Your final recording shall be rendered in a 1920x1080 format (16:9).

2: Valid formats: MOV / MP4 / AVI / WMV / MPG / MPEG / M2P / FLV.

3: Suggested Presentation Time: 3-6 mins


After uploading the video, you will be informed if,

STEP 1: Your video passes the first screening (video ratio, resolution and format, presentation length and etc), and you will get a TED-Ed Club achievement certificate. Your video will be uploaded to MapleShine Education official website and YouTube channel.

STEP 2: Your video passes the evaluation of the club assessment team (presentation content, performance and etc), and it will be uploaded to TED-Ed Student Talks YouTube Channel by MapleShine TED-Ed club leader.

Click HERE to see how to get your Google drive sharing link.